You should check out my mixtapes man they're actually really sick I swear.


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You are witnessing my first attempt at cobbling together a site of my own, based almost entirely on basic html techniques I scraped en masse off of stackoverflow. I'm Shannon, by the way. I hope you enjoy the many art, music, and Korean related ramblings that are sure to come, all wrapped up in a funky retro Daft Punk theme that's easy on the eyes.

Be sure to leave a note or a wish to Fungalore in the guestbook! Shootz.

I'm taking a well earned break.

Listening to Justice: Access All Arenas.

Reading Plato at the Googleplex, Rebecca Newbeger Goldstein.

Last updated 12th of July, 2024.

︎︎ Updates ︎︎

07/11/24 Added a new Korean blog post, and tried to fix the music page, but I'm still not satisfied. hm.

07/11/24 Whipped up a short book review on Jurassichrist. What a book!

07/09/24 Added some sick clickable tunes on my About Me page.

07/07/24 HUGE About Me page update! Built the layout and started adding info, including the first sneak peaks of my art.

07/05/24 You guessed it: a new Journal entry.

06/16/24 Once again added a new Journal entry.

06/09/24 Added a new Journal entry. Also, I built a new OPI topic selection page for the zero people that care lol

06/07/24 Revamped my Korean landing page. Also, I added a new featured music video!!

06/06/24 Posted my first book review!! If you like books or We Need To Talk About Kevin, you should give it a read :]

06/05/24 Built a new Books page.

06/04/24 Added a new Journal entry.

06/02/24 Finished front page revamp, added cbox guestbook.

05/31/24 Revamped Korean Blog page.

05/30/24 Built a new Journal page.

05/28/24 Built a new Music page. I screwed it all up so it falls apart on mobile... I'll come back to it later. For now, desktop only :,(

05/20/24 Didn't really do anything for multiple months. This is only here so I can test the scroll function lol